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John E Kime

Dr. Eddy–

I just have to write and thank you again for doing the surgery on my right hand on March 14th. And how quick it healed. Within one month I had full use, with about 40% pain. Within two months, about 10% pain. Now there is NO PAIN, just a little numbness on the two fingers, which you told me to expect.

Unlike my left hand, which I had surgery on in Feb 2016 in Indianapolis and still have slight pain most of the time and over three months before full use.

I appreciate so much, your compassion, understanding, and patience to talk to me and explain the procedure and what to expect. You are a very special young man. I have already recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so.

I wish I would have known you 2 years ago. I would not have waited so long to have the right hand done.

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