John O. Feighner | Fort Wayne Orthopedics

John O. Feighner

Because of the onset of sudden, unexpected pain in my left foot, I self-treated for about a week. I finally took my wife’s advice and went to Fort Wayne Orthopedic’s OrthoStat walk-in clinic.

I was greeted professionally by your staff, and the paperwork went very smoothly. I was first seen by a sports medicine assistant—a very nice young lady who courteously took all of my information. I had a prompt X-ray of my left foot—three views. I was then promptly seen by Matthew Bohren, Physician Assistant. His examination was thorough, and his diagnosis was appropriate. I was given appropriate pain medication to address the soft tissue issue. We talked about his enthusiasm working with the FWO team for patient care.

I wanted you to know what a fine staff you have. This is exactly the model for efficient, thorough healthcare which our community needs. I congratulate Fort Wayne Orthopedics for the fine work you are doing.

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