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Coleen Mankey

For Colleen Mankey, surgery was the only real option. Her rotator cuff was torn and not repairable and this had caused her shoulder to wear out. This left her in pain and unable to accomplish simple tasks, so she opted for a reverse shoulder implant (a unique treatment for a difficult problem).

"If someone wants an opinion about surgery with Fort Wayne Orthopedics," without hesitation Coleen says, "Go!"

After just one night in the hospital, she came home, and the following morning took a shower and washed her own hair. “I just did really, really well,” Colleen says. About nine months after the surgery, and after four weeks of physical therapy, she reports almost full range of motion in her shoulder.

If someone wants an opinion about surgery with Fort Wayne Orthopedics, without hesitation Coleen says, “Go! I would recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone. I had already had both knees replaced by Dr. Fisher, and I got along really well with that too. I feel very fortunate.”

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