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Dr. Jack Dyer

Dr. Jack Dyer struggled with back pain and knee problems for years. A longtime Fort Wayne physician and FWO patient, Dyer tried several back pain treatments and underwent arthroplasty procedures on both knees.

When his back and spinal pain worsened several years ago, he turned to FWO for emergency surgery. “They scheduled surgery right after the MRI,” he says “The pain down my legs came very suddenly, so they worked me up quickly.” FWO physician Dr. Kevin Rahn performed a spinal fusion and nerve decompression, and Dyer noticed immediate relief following the procedure. “I returned for injections a few times after the surgery,” he says “but I haven’t had any problems since 2006.”

“I haven’t had any problems since and I’m still very active at 73 years old.”

A few years later, Dyer decided to address his chronic knee pain with a more long-term solution. Dyer again consulted FWO and underwent a double knee replacement. Despite having the procedure done on both knees, he had a remarkably smooth recovery. “It was a very pleasant recovery,” he says “I expected a lot more difficulty, but I was back to work within four to five weeks.” The knee replacements gave him renewed energy and mobility. “Now I jokingly say they’re my two best parts!”

With both surgeries behind him, Dyer credits FWO and his physicians with playing an important role in his continued good health. “Both surgeries were super,” he says. “I haven’t had any problems since and I’m still very active at 73 years old.”

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