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Clint W. Draper

I developed a severe case of plantar fibroma in both of my feet at the same time. I put it off until I could no longer bear the pain from them in my feet. I contacted FWO and they were courteous and very kind and set me up with an appointment right away. I was introduced to a wonderful Doctor, Dr. Gauge Caudell. My tumors were so large - he immediately told me with all honesty that surgery was my only option which usually he tried to avoid and opted for therapy and steroid and pain meds, but my condition was severe. He explained everything very clearly and was very kind and compassionate along with the nursing staff whom all remembered me from the first appointment largely because of the size of my tumors made me famous. Anyway, Dr. Caudell did a wonderful job and his staff and receptionists were very kind and professional. A1 service, I highly recommend them to anyone needing medical attention that falls in their field of expertise.

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