Kathryn Bell | Fort Wayne Orthopedics

Kathryn Bell

Good morning. I had carpal tunnel and trigger release surgery with Doctor Penny. He is a fine doctor. I went for stitches removal and part of the wound stayed open. A new bandage method was prescribed. I came back to OrthoStat Warsaw with what I thought was infection, in reality it was just new skin renewal. Courtney, Dr. Penny’s Nurse Practitioner, looked at it and then she said she was going to “phone a friend” Kristen Leffel another NP. The moment Kristen walked in the room she made the scene calming and wonderful. She encouraged me to come back and have her check the wound as I was leaving on vacation in two days. Courtney was equally wonderful, I just had the opportunity to see Kristen more as she was at OrthoStat. Kristen was never in a hurry and answered every one of my questions and then gave me wound healing information to look up online to better educate myself. She is top notch. Please pass this along to the powers that be to recognize her caring, informative and professional manner.

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