Shawn Egan | Fort Wayne Orthopedics

Shawn Egan

Dear Dr. Feaker, We wanted to send our endless appreciation to you and your team for the coordinated and strategic care you provided Shawn for his rotator cuff surgery. You were prepared and ensured Shawn had the appropriate pre-op consults with the PACE Clinic to bridge his blood thinners. It is clear to us this procedure was a little less than routine, and your ability to make the right decision inter-operatively was a game changer. The outcome has been better than expected and we are so grateful for your skills and what you did/have done to ensure a great result. Thanks so much to you and your team for your deep appreciation of people and patients. We need more physicians like you. We are very grateful and want others to know you are a skilled and reliable surgeon who is also patient focused. Our endless thanks! Best-

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