Let's work together

Everything we do is designed to make the workers comp process as easy as possible for everyone.


A single goal

Our goal for our workers comp patients is the same as yours – give them the best care possible so they can safely get back to work with a lowered chance of another injury. We also recognize that you want this at the least possible cost. We’re on board with that too. In fact, everything we do is designed to make the workers comp process as easy as possible for everyone – employers, case managers and patients.

A Climate of Competency

At FWO, we truly understand the process of workers comp and everything it involves. This thorough understanding creates a climate of competency that helps our cases run smoothly.

  • Frequent and thorough communications between all parties
  • Clearly stated timelines, expectations, requirements and more
  • Timely responses to employers
  • Quick attention to workers comp cases
  • Lower cost using FWO’s exclusive OrthoStat Walk-in Clinics vs. hospital emergency rooms

Committed to Workers Comp

As part of our commitment to workers comp, FWO has a dedicated workers comp coordinator. Your single point of contact, our coordinator expedites services, manages cases, handles communications and serves as an excellent liaison. With a thorough understanding of workers comp, it’s the coordinator’s job to do whatever it takes to make the entire process as seamless as possible. And that makes everyone’s job easier.

The Pros Know

Case managers are a critical element to most workers comp cases. They serve as a liaison between insurance carriers, patients and physicians and act as advocates for all parties involved. Their jobs are easier with support and understanding from the practice. This is where FWO excels.

  • Dedicated coordinator for workers comp cases
  • Physicians understand the goals, demands and intricacies of workers comp
  • Thorough knowledge of PPI ratings
  • Quick information turnaround
  • Expedited appointments and patient check-in
  • Private work area for case managers
  • Helpful, responsive nursing and support staff

It’s Always About Quality Care

While workers comp cases can seem difficult because there are multiple parties involved, at FWO we never lose focus on what matters most – providing the best possible care for the patient.

  • Ensure the safety and well-being of patients at every step
  • Never make patients feel like a number
  • Work to prevent recurring injuries

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