Bone Up On Good Health

As one of the few orthopedic groups providing bone health specialists, FWO is on the leading edge of orthopedic health.

The Bone Health Center at FWO focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of metabolic bone diseases, including osteoporosis and Paget's disease, with emphasis on individualized
patient care.

Dr. David Almdale and his team use the latest technology- such as the DEXA scanner- to give accurate diagnoses and prescribe specific therapy based on each patient's symptoms, bone mineral density, risk factors and test results.

“As the body’s framework, bone health is vital to the body’s overall health.”

Bone Health Conditions

  • Osteoporosis and complications
  • Paget's disease
  • Metabolic bone diseases
  • Growth disturbances
  • Treatment of pediatric bone disorders

Procedures and Patient Information: